+ UX & UI – #002

Nowadays, people can’t live without technology. Technology, it’s a creation for human from human and the purpose is to helps human create a brighter and easier future(?). Therefore, majority of human owns at least one electronic device. No matter child, teen, teenagers, young adults, adults, or the aged, most of them have one or more electronic devices. People using these devices to make easy or fun for their life. When they used these devices, they feel and experience something from those devices. That’s just a part of UX(User Experience), UX can be cover up a large area. From research, I think that every single product would have related to UX, without UX, there’s no invention and innovation.

Responsive Design

Due to UX is a large pie, I would like to focus on the computer device’s UX. I found an article which is very interesting. It’s talk about responsive websites versus native app, very interesting and marvellous. Computer and smart devices are in a large usage from human. Sometimes, people need to use these devices by internet data and this article tells the pros and cons of this topic.(I learned two new words, pros and cons = advantage and disadvantage)

Responsive website, defines as optimize website, which means it can be fit and compatible in any type of screen size required by devices. It changes the UI of the website to give a better UX for users.  This will make users easy to view and surf the content and it won’t make the most important focus content to be ignored. If go for responsive design, the upfront cost for creating this would be more expensive than non-responsive web but it is more worth to do so. So, it’s depends on your needs. Do you think it’s worth to do so? Are you planning something in high performance  and sustainable?

Mostly, I focused on responsive design because I found that it is very important. Why? I found that nowadays these electronic device are rapidly update and changing in the market. Which means that responsive design is being more important in this role. In order to achieve higher efficiency and cost-save, responsive design’s product is the best choices because there’s only a place to update and maintain your products. From another article, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is much easier to obtain because traffic flow of users are just surfing one place. So, it won’t be divided and Google will recognize your product and keep you in the list.

Okay, ‘Pros’ session off now and it’s time for ‘Cons’. For sure, responsive website would have disadvantage which same to other website. It can’t work without internet access. If you are planning a low performance and just giving info to users, responsive web app is a good choice. Oppositely, please choose a native app instead, it would be better for you.

My opinion and sources about responsive design are comes from:
Elliot Bowerman’s Linkedin
Responsive Web Design from ‘Sourcebits’ in PDF:



2 thoughts on “+ UX & UI – #002

  1. Hi Jef Lee

    My name is Chris and I will be one of your lecturers in Liverpool, England. I am looking forward to meeting you all very soon.

    You have made a good start in your research and John Maeda and Jacob Cass are very interesting in this area. I will be taking a look at your research on the blog and will be sending you some further ideas for research over the next week.


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