+ UX & UI – #001

Feelings awkward to keep it up on writing something in blog, it’s like writing an essay for exam purpose(although it might be). Keep doing research, read more articles, swallow and digest what I found it’s new, it’s really enjoyable though. So, just forget about what I’m saying just now. When I learned new things with different aspects(maybe different people’s mind or opinion?), I feel like my brain is injecting something good. Something… healthy which makes me feels good? Yea, it’s knowledge! Some knowledge that I’m not exclude much. Hope I could keep it up.

By the way, I found this article which explains again what is UX & UI. He try to educate rookies in another way than the article that I’d mention in my previous post. Sounds slightly different but the originality is there, which is majority of people misunderstand that UX = UI. Read through his opinion about UX & UI, makes me feels like, yea… it should be like this too. Sincerely appreciate on what he shared to me and  finally found out that he is Jacob Cass.

Have a good day, I’ve gotta sleep. Night peeps!


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