+ UX & UI – Research Interest

UX – User eXperience | UI – User Interface

Both of these are two new phrase for me in past 3 months. I took about a month to listen on my friend’s sharing about his research about these topic and finally I found that it is really cool. UX and UI are working with each other, like a website can’t work without one of it. It’s consist of human behaviourism, which is the topic that I quite interested. I like to observe and investigate how human interact, act, and communicate. We, as a human a.k.a intelligent animal, we can perform various kind of style, attitude, expression and personality in different place, environment and situation. Therefore, I’ve found that is very fun and interesting topic, which it also relate to human computer interaction.

Since I’m a rookie of UX and UI design, I read an article from here which makes me know what’s the differences between UX and UI. I found it very useful although the author keep mention that’s just his POV. At least, he makes me get a bigger picture which I think quite match with John Maeda’s article, The 10 Law of Simplicity. Both of them inspired me in a way and makes me have more passion on both UX and UI design. John Maeda’s law theory are quite abstract which makes me understand till halfway, maybe I’m not good enough in understanding. The trend for now is quite similar with his theory, Simplicity. I’m inspired a lot with his theory, and I only realize what I understand before read his article is just a very basic knowledge.  Other than that, I found an article which told me “UX is not UI!. This article’s author is Erik Flowers, tells people(including me) on how UX different with UI too. It clearly tells people and allow users to download a copy of his explanation.

Actually, I’m have another answer for why UX and UI would be my interested topic. I’m attracted by one of the Apple’s product, Iphone 5S. Now I’m having it and before this, I’m using Samsung smartphone. I found that I can easily familiar with Iphone interface and design comparing with Samsung smartphone. That time, I was wondering the reason for this then my friend(yeah, that friend again) tells me about UX and UI. Wow, I finally know the reason! When I was trying playing with my phone, I would complain about the interface and usability of  few apps. Then, I would start wondering “why they wouldn’t do this… done that… bla, bla, bla…”, started to be mumbling. This situation somehow makes me wanted to re-design the app to more user friendly in another way to users(including me). Yea, that’s the another reason for my research interest.

In the end, I hope to learn more on this topic to fulfil my thirst of it and to ensure is this the last interest for research.



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