+ Entrepreneurship Startup – Proudest Project

In my study in Advanced Diploma, me and my team had create an event due to assignment need, Entrepreneurship Startup. We found that lots of youngster or young adults in Malaysia doesn’t know much in this topic and we would like to encourage them on entrepreneurship. Therefore, this event is created and lots of guests were inspired.

Project management subject.

Project management subject.

This event is the project that I most proud of it because as we are just students, we could set up and organize an event. Although the whole process doesn’t run smooth and fluid, we faced a lot of obstacles and difficulties. I’m in-charge of venue, guests, emcee, production and post production.

For me, the difficulties that I faced the most is searching for venue and guests. Due to we are just students, we have not much budget for organizing this event. Therefore, I had done some research with my friends who are expertise in organizing events for solutions. From them, says that we need the owner of that venue sponsor his place for totally free. We search for places around Subang area, and finally we found a place that meet up our requirements. Venue is suits to our title and the owner is friendly enough, we agreed with each other for just used a short period of time comparing to other venue owners. For guests, lots of people doesn’t bind our idea and topic. Lastly, my friend ask me to find my friends and helps me to promote our event. In these research, I found that socializing is important and networking is much more important. Our event finally reach our minimum expectation, runs smoothly with no incident.

After our events end, research on video editing is a must. It’s my first time of editing event montage, I’d watched a bunch of videos for references of shooting and editing techniques. Here is our event montage:

I would be more on UX/UI because I’m more likely to observe human behaviour. UX/UI is likely with humanity psychology, it’s observe about user experience and user interface. I found that this is very interesting and I could put more time and effort on this. Actually, this topic is introduce by my friend and he likes to share new topics with me. Perhaps I would keep my passion on this research, I would like to conduct more and better UX/UI products to users for making life easier. Designers used to helps people solves solutions, agree?


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