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+ UX – #003 “Emotional Design, Donald A. Norman” – Part 1

I realized, fundamental is acting in a very important rule in everything. From design aspects, there are some elements or topic that I know but I didn’t go on much (color, form, and more). When comes to User Experience, I know not much about it but a new phrase attracted me.

Emotional Design, it’s a topic that related to human behavior (again, human psychology) which I’m quite interested on it. After research on which books is available in both JMU’s library, I found “Emotional Design, Donald A. Norman”. I had heard the author name for few times after I click on UX topics, which my friend had taken some times on Don Norman’s book, “The Design of Everyday Things”. What I know is, my friend gets inspired a lot from it and it lightens up my curiosity to have a look on his books. So, I borrowed “Emotional Design” from library and try to read it.

Till today, I just read until the half of chapter one. From my understanding, emotional mostly comes before cognition in human brain but both of them works together in a team. While cognition helps human brain to learn general knowledge and statement to do general decision, emotion from affect helps human brain to justify good or bad, safe or dangerous. Human are usually follow their emotion to decide something and they may not realized. Comparing between positive and negative emotion on solving problems, positive emotion will guide to a better and broaden way for solution. Meanwhile, negative emotion will shorten sight in brain and makes people become anxious and tension which makes things become worse.

Besides that, there also consists of human brain levels:

  • Reflective
  • Behavioral
  • Visceral

This diagram shows how sensory go through three level in brain then to motor part. Besides that, three of them also a method to categorize between human, mammals, and non-mammals. Non-mammals only have visceral levels, which react to world and respond. While mammals(cow, cat, dog and more), they have visceral and behavioral which makes them to have behavior to act. Lastly, human brain consists all of three levels because human have the most emotional expressions. From visceral to behavior, then reflect. Reflect is based on the observation and experience, makes human can act from past experience and do better or tell other human with his experience.

Further understanding is still pending, I have to read more and understand more about emotional design to complete my understanding for this post.

+ UX & UI – #002

Nowadays, people can’t live without technology. Technology, it’s a creation for human from human and the purpose is to helps human create a brighter and easier future(?). Therefore, majority of human owns at least one electronic device. No matter child, teen, teenagers, young adults, adults, or the aged, most of them have one or more electronic devices. People using these devices to make easy or fun for their life. When they used these devices, they feel and experience something from those devices. That’s just a part of UX(User Experience), UX can be cover up a large area. From research, I think that every single product would have related to UX, without UX, there’s no invention and innovation.

Responsive Design

Due to UX is a large pie, I would like to focus on the computer device’s UX. I found an article which is very interesting. It’s talk about responsive websites versus native app, very interesting and marvellous. Computer and smart devices are in a large usage from human. Sometimes, people need to use these devices by internet data and this article tells the pros and cons of this topic.(I learned two new words, pros and cons = advantage and disadvantage)

Responsive website, defines as optimize website, which means it can be fit and compatible in any type of screen size required by devices. It changes the UI of the website to give a better UX for users.  This will make users easy to view and surf the content and it won’t make the most important focus content to be ignored. If go for responsive design, the upfront cost for creating this would be more expensive than non-responsive web but it is more worth to do so. So, it’s depends on your needs. Do you think it’s worth to do so? Are you planning something in high performance  and sustainable?

Mostly, I focused on responsive design because I found that it is very important. Why? I found that nowadays these electronic device are rapidly update and changing in the market. Which means that responsive design is being more important in this role. In order to achieve higher efficiency and cost-save, responsive design’s product is the best choices because there’s only a place to update and maintain your products. From another article, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is much easier to obtain because traffic flow of users are just surfing one place. So, it won’t be divided and Google will recognize your product and keep you in the list.

Okay, ‘Pros’ session off now and it’s time for ‘Cons’. For sure, responsive website would have disadvantage which same to other website. It can’t work without internet access. If you are planning a low performance and just giving info to users, responsive web app is a good choice. Oppositely, please choose a native app instead, it would be better for you.

My opinion and sources about responsive design are comes from:
Elliot Bowerman’s Linkedin
Responsive Web Design from ‘Sourcebits’ in PDF:


+ UX & UI – #001

Feelings awkward to keep it up on writing something in blog, it’s like writing an essay for exam purpose(although it might be). Keep doing research, read more articles, swallow and digest what I found it’s new, it’s really enjoyable though. So, just forget about what I’m saying just now. When I learned new things with different aspects(maybe different people’s mind or opinion?), I feel like my brain is injecting something good. Something… healthy which makes me feels good? Yea, it’s knowledge! Some knowledge that I’m not exclude much. Hope I could keep it up.

By the way, I found this article which explains again what is UX & UI. He try to educate rookies in another way than the article that I’d mention in my previous post. Sounds slightly different but the originality is there, which is majority of people misunderstand that UX = UI. Read through his opinion about UX & UI, makes me feels like, yea… it should be like this too. Sincerely appreciate on what he shared to me and  finally found out that he is Jacob Cass.

Have a good day, I’ve gotta sleep. Night peeps!

+ UX & UI – Research Interest

UX – User eXperience | UI – User Interface

Both of these are two new phrase for me in past 3 months. I took about a month to listen on my friend’s sharing about his research about these topic and finally I found that it is really cool. UX and UI are working with each other, like a website can’t work without one of it. It’s consist of human behaviourism, which is the topic that I quite interested. I like to observe and investigate how human interact, act, and communicate. We, as a human a.k.a intelligent animal, we can perform various kind of style, attitude, expression and personality in different place, environment and situation. Therefore, I’ve found that is very fun and interesting topic, which it also relate to human computer interaction.

Since I’m a rookie of UX and UI design, I read an article from here which makes me know what’s the differences between UX and UI. I found it very useful although the author keep mention that’s just his POV. At least, he makes me get a bigger picture which I think quite match with John Maeda’s article, The 10 Law of Simplicity. Both of them inspired me in a way and makes me have more passion on both UX and UI design. John Maeda’s law theory are quite abstract which makes me understand till halfway, maybe I’m not good enough in understanding. The trend for now is quite similar with his theory, Simplicity. I’m inspired a lot with his theory, and I only realize what I understand before read his article is just a very basic knowledge.  Other than that, I found an article which told me “UX is not UI!. This article’s author is Erik Flowers, tells people(including me) on how UX different with UI too. It clearly tells people and allow users to download a copy of his explanation.

Actually, I’m have another answer for why UX and UI would be my interested topic. I’m attracted by one of the Apple’s product, Iphone 5S. Now I’m having it and before this, I’m using Samsung smartphone. I found that I can easily familiar with Iphone interface and design comparing with Samsung smartphone. That time, I was wondering the reason for this then my friend(yeah, that friend again) tells me about UX and UI. Wow, I finally know the reason! When I was trying playing with my phone, I would complain about the interface and usability of  few apps. Then, I would start wondering “why they wouldn’t do this… done that… bla, bla, bla…”, started to be mumbling. This situation somehow makes me wanted to re-design the app to more user friendly in another way to users(including me). Yea, that’s the another reason for my research interest.

In the end, I hope to learn more on this topic to fulfil my thirst of it and to ensure is this the last interest for research.


+ Entrepreneurship Startup – Proudest Project

In my study in Advanced Diploma, me and my team had create an event due to assignment need, Entrepreneurship Startup. We found that lots of youngster or young adults in Malaysia doesn’t know much in this topic and we would like to encourage them on entrepreneurship. Therefore, this event is created and lots of guests were inspired.

Project management subject.

Project management subject.

This event is the project that I most proud of it because as we are just students, we could set up and organize an event. Although the whole process doesn’t run smooth and fluid, we faced a lot of obstacles and difficulties. I’m in-charge of venue, guests, emcee, production and post production.

For me, the difficulties that I faced the most is searching for venue and guests. Due to we are just students, we have not much budget for organizing this event. Therefore, I had done some research with my friends who are expertise in organizing events for solutions. From them, says that we need the owner of that venue sponsor his place for totally free. We search for places around Subang area, and finally we found a place that meet up our requirements. Venue is suits to our title and the owner is friendly enough, we agreed with each other for just used a short period of time comparing to other venue owners. For guests, lots of people doesn’t bind our idea and topic. Lastly, my friend ask me to find my friends and helps me to promote our event. In these research, I found that socializing is important and networking is much more important. Our event finally reach our minimum expectation, runs smoothly with no incident.

After our events end, research on video editing is a must. It’s my first time of editing event montage, I’d watched a bunch of videos for references of shooting and editing techniques. Here is our event montage:

I would be more on UX/UI because I’m more likely to observe human behaviour. UX/UI is likely with humanity psychology, it’s observe about user experience and user interface. I found that this is very interesting and I could put more time and effort on this. Actually, this topic is introduce by my friend and he likes to share new topics with me. Perhaps I would keep my passion on this research, I would like to conduct more and better UX/UI products to users for making life easier. Designers used to helps people solves solutions, agree?

+ MEXTURE – Review

Mexture, an app which create to let Iphone’s users to easily edit their precious photo in advanced and professional method. I got it from my friend and I was wondering why he could spend money for this app. Well, the result after I tried to use his phone and do some experiment, I paid. By discovering this app, I found that it is easy to use and user-friendly. I would rated it in rating of 4/5.

The following would be my personal comments to ‘Mexture’. The overall interface design of this app is good and outstanding. My experience for this app very good, flow is fluid and smooth. Options, button are very eye-catchy and vivid. Applying the trend of interface which is catch users eye with visuals. For photo editing, it provides lots of creative and amazing grunges, light leaks, textures and gradients. Most of these are created originally from 35mm film scans of various camera, this is the first of the parts that makes me loves to use it. The best and most favourite features is, I can add unlimited layers with different layer style and effects. It become very interactive and joyful while users are trying to edit their photos. Lots of choices, various combination and create own design identity!

“Mexture App Relaunches as Comprehensive Photo Editor”, says Merek Davis, CNBC.

“Mextures Is An Outstanding Texture Overlay App”, says Marty Yawnick, Life in Lofi.

There is nothing perfect, including this app. There are few aspect that doesn’t satisfied users included me, myself. First, few of the editing screen of the interface of this app does not provide a ‘back’ button to return to previous screen. It makes users need to click and interact more in order to return to previous screen.  Other than that, I found out it’s a bit complicated to users to use for the formula editing part. While users wish to exchange the formula with other various formula, they need to clear all the edit and restart again to do it. It’s very in inconvenience to users because it may cause those suit and satisfied cropped photos results in bad way, maybe good perhaps.

Mexture is an app that really satisfied photo edit users. Not all, but I’m one of it. It’s really worth to the price, $1.99. From those review that I had research in “App Store”, 4.5/5 ratings and a bunch of good review from customers.

‘A must for photo editing users! I can’t find other apps that does the similar result with Mexture.’

Finally, the outcome photo is originally created by me. I’m satisfied with this, feeling happy and proud of my first creation by Mexture. I believe every users had this kind of experience and that’s the extra experience that this app brings to users. Great app, well done!